Art Stretching

art created in  Grand Cayman

Traveling with friends - artsy friends to boot - is not only heaps of fun but has unexpected results. Imagine someone telling you beforehand - hey, this trip to a tropical island is going to be a fantastic AND you are going to come back as a better artist.  The speed with which you pull out that credit card is blinding. 

We spent much of our art time together doing collaborations. This round robin approach to art is something that I have wanted to try for a very long time.  We sat at a round table and each started our piece on a sheet of watercolor paper which can handle any medium. We used an iPhone playlist as our timer.  You had the length of a song to start your piece and get it to a point to move on.  That's is about 3 minutes.

Three minutes is long enough to get paint, paper or a doodle down on the paper.   It is NOT long enough to consider, doubt, worry or rethink.  You just instinctively go at it. You quickly learn that you can't get bogged down worrying about painting on someone else's piece or wondering what is happening to that scene you started. You do your part and then you send the piece out to be completed by others.  Control is gone. Obsessing over which shade of blue you should use would use up your allotted time.  You grab and go, you follow your impulses and you trust your instincts. That is an amazing process.  You can feel with each round that you are stretching, trusting, and learning that you can do art in a whole new way. 

The piece that you get back is always a revelation. It contains the work of people that you admire making it a treasure.  Each time it is a surprise.  Love that.

It is amazing.  Try it. You will love the results.