Sandi delights in all things involving paper, paint and a good doodle pen.  Scrapbooking was her entry into paper arts and she has never looked back, now focusing on mixed media, art journaling and doodling.

Teaching is something that comes naturally to Sandi. She loves that electric moment when possibility meets desire. Facilitating that moment is what makes art a team sport.

A member of the art collaborative Art to the 5th, she was instrumental in bringing the Documented Life Project to fruition where tens of thousands of members from around the world spent three years documenting their lives and becoming skilled artists. That was an experience that lives on today in the many offshoot planner groups and in the lives that were enhanced.

As the creator of Secret Lake Retreat, she built what she most desired - a community of creative women who value friendship as much as their art supplies. Retreat weekends are circled in red in her planner with a countdown running in her head.

Sandi loves words, translucent colors, well-made plans and the mountains of NC.  Not to mention her family and dogs who live with her in FL.


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