Documented Life: Week 16 (4/12)

April 12, 2014 - Week 16 Challenge - Add a cardboard food box in a creative way.

I had a box of White Cheddar Cheez-Its on my table when I was ready for this challenge.  That seemed like a fun option so why go searching in the pantry or recycle bin? I cut out the main banner on the front of the box.

I added a piece of underpaper onto my flap (tip-in) for a fun background. Now what? I thought about Andy Warhol and his Pop Art with the Campbell's soup can.  After googling the image to refresh my memory, I knew the direction I was going.

I divided the background into four sections and painted them in bold colors (acrylic paint). I outlined the letters in scratchy lines with a Pilot Multiball pen.

I added some black shading and cool painted circles to finish off my Pop Art Cheez-It flap.

And then (say it with me) - I am calling it DONE.


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