Documented Life Project: Week 36 (8/30)

Week 36: Use a Black and White theme

Black and white - FUN! Typically as the Doodle Queen I would do black on white but I thought it would be fun to change it up and play in white on black.

This was the perfect time to try Dina Wakley's Black Gesso. It went on very smoothly and not too thick or thin with a hotel card. It was dry almost immediately.

Great coverage!

For my white I mixed Dina Wakley's White paint in equal parts with water for a thin inky consistency with which to paint. I used a cheap ice cube tray as my deep welled palette. (Dollar Spot at Target)

I loved how this consistency gave me a chalk finish and a variation of depth of color. I painted on some of my favorite doodles as well as one of my favorite quotes.

Calling this one Chalky Done.

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