Facing Creative Blocks

Creative blocks, dry spells, losing your mojo are common issues that every artist faces. It is a natural part of the creative cycle. It can happen due to a bevy of causes, including life stresses, overtaxing deadlines and personal expectations. The best way to deal with creative blocks is to PLAN for them.

Artists benefit greatly from a personal survival plan for creative blocks. No different from stocking up on supplies for hurricanes, blizzards or tornadoes, having a plan in place helps remove the fear from these natural occurrences.  

Facing Creative Blocks article by Sandi Keene. #creativecoaching #coaching #sandikeene
Artists benefit greatly from a personal survival plan for creative blocks.
— Sandi Keene

Knowledge is your best offense.  Every artistic person faces blocks throughout their journey.  It is a normal part of the creative lifestyle.  It does not matter how talented you are, how many Instagram followers you have, or how how many years you have been a maker.  It is to be expected.

Next, create your plan for traveling through the slump in a meaningful way.  Acknowledge the slump. Tell people you are in a transitional period. Gather the support of friends who know what you are going through. Make sure YOU are the captain of your support team. This is the time for treating yourself with kindness and patience.

Change your course.  Do something outside your area of creativity that you enjoy. If you are a mixed media artist, pick up your camera for a color study field trip. If you are a weaver, try several new exotic recipes for dinner. Feed your inspiration needs in an entirely different arena.  

After a set number of days, that you are have determined in advance, away from your primary medium, start back slowly.  Pull out your favorite past works and revisit what you love about your medium.  Note your style and the things that bring you joy.  Remember what it feels like to love your work.

Make something for someone else.  This is a great time to put your focus on someone special and create with the purpose of sharing your love. A small project that can be completed in under an hour works well.  

Now it is time to get back to work.  Start slow with no expectations. Refuse to participate in any doubt-filled self-talk. Plug in your twinkle lights.  Light a fragrant candle. Listen to your favorite playlist.  Work for a short time and walk away with a sense of accomplishment and recovery.  You are moving forward and that slump is behind you.